Tiger’s 7 Best Commercials

The world knew Tiger was a generational player before he ever hit a tee shot on the PGA Tour. In fact, he signed a massive 40M for five years from Nike the moment he turned pro in 1996.

During his prime, he had endless endorsements and countless commercial appearances. Tiger showed us his awesome personality and more in these short clips.

Here are his seven best commercials that capture all of Tiger’s greatness (on and off the course). 

Tiger, A Wedge, and a Golf Ball

During a commercial shoot, the director caught Tiger between takes bouncing a ball on his wedge. Then, to the director’s amazement, bounced it high, and hit a full shot on the range without the ball touching the ground.

The director knew he had gold and completely redid the shoot to make it all Tiger, a wedge, and a golf ball. It caught fire and led golf fans worldwide to attempt the feat themselves. In a time before social media and trick shots artists, Tiger was the original.

Slow Motion Tiger

This commercial is pure beauty. It’s simple, elegant, and jaw dropping to anyone who has swung a golf club.

It’s so simple that it’s almost hypnotizing – just Tiger swinging a driver in slow motion. Wearing black on black, we get to witness his perfect swing with beautiful instrumentals. 

If you ever need some motivation to work on your swing, just watch this ad for a quick hit of inspiration. 

Tiger’s Hilarious Tackle

Imagine trying to steal Tiger’s back from the driving range, only to get chased down and tackled by the big cat? As you can see in this hilarious commercial, it actually happened – with no stunt double.

That’s right, at the time he was the number one player in the world but put his body on the line to film a funny commercial. 

Frank and Tiger 

Tiger’s headcover (named Frank) is even famous! As you can see in this funny old commercial, Nike featured Frank front and center during their Tiger commercials. 

Voiced by Paul Giamantti, it’s hilarious to see Tiger converse with his headcover. While Nike Golf doesn’t make clubs anymore, it looks like Frank is coming back with their latest TW apparel. 

Will we get more Frank and Tiger in the future? 

Tiger at the Masters – 2005 Chip In 

In 2005, Tiger hit one of the most miraculous chip shots in the history of the game. The chip heard round the world happened on #16 at Augusta National, as Tiger battled Chris Demarco down the stretch.

After a poor tee shot, he was left with an impossible chip to a tucked left pin on the lower ride of the green. Most players would’ve been happy getting the chip to 20 feet. But Tiger has some of the best hands in golf and hit the absolute perfect chip shot.

As you can see in the commercial, it checked on the green, rolled down the hill, and sat on the edge of the cup. Then, as if it was scripted by Nike themselves, the logo tumbles end over end as the ball drops in the hole. Tiger and Stevie celebrate the insane shot, while it catapults him to yet another major victory.  

Nike Golf – Ripple Commercial 

Warning: the Nike Golf “Ripple” commercial will give you chills! 

It shows a young boy watching Tiger win on TV, while practicing his swing at home. Then, battling the elements and taping Tiger posters and goals on his bedroom wall. 

Then, it’s revealed that the little boy was Rory McIlroy, with a montage of all his hard work paying off as he plays with Tiger. All the feels from this one, well done Nike.

2019 Masters Victory

After winning the Tour Championship in 2018, we knew Tiger was back. But could he win another major after an 11-year drought? 

He answered that question with a firm YES at the 2019 Masters. 

He defeated Brooks Koepka, Tony Finau, and others on Sunday to slip into another green jacket and get one closer to Jack’s record. Nike pounced on the opportunity to promote Tiger with this epic commercial

They show the highlights, followed by him falling to his knees in pain, to coming back to get the win at Augusta. It’s one that will give you chills and motivate you to get off the couch and tee it up.  

Now, we can only wonder… will Tiger and Charlie ever appear in a commercial together?

What’s your favorite TW commercial?

Let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Michael Leonard.

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