Tiger Woods vs. Jack Nicklaus

Tiger Woods vs. Jack Nicklaus – Who is the Real GOAT?

Social media, fans, and pretty much everyone loves to discuss the GOAT of every sport. 

While Tom Brady has pretty much locked up that title in the NFL, in other sports it’s not as certain. 

For example, is it Michael Jordan or LeBron James in basketball? For golf, is it Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods?  

We’ll let the basketball blogs decide on the MJ vs. LeBron debate while we talk about all things Tiger and Jack. 

Tiger vs. Jack – By The Numbers

Before debating who is the greatest of all time, I think it should be appreciated that Tiger has had the goal to beat Jack his entire life. When he was a kid, he openly discussed in interviews his goal was to beat the most accomplished player of all time. 

Imagine being a few years old, already thinking about being a golf prodigy. The fact that he manifested it and made it happen is something 

Now, let’s look at the numbers between the two golfing legends: 

PGA Tour Wins

The first number to debate the GOAT is total PGA Tour wins. At the time of this writing, Tiger has an astonishing 82 wins, while Jack has 73 which is still a huge amount. 

TW is tied with the great Sam Snead for the most wins of all time. Hopefully, he’ll get at least one more to beat Sam Snead and hold the most wins all by himself. 

Result: Tiger wins as he’s had nine more PGA Tour wins. 

Major Championships

When it comes to major championship wins, Jack has an impressive 18. While Tiger is currently sitting at 15 but hopefully still counting.

It’s important to not count Tiger out yet though, as he’s making yet another comeback in 2022. If he’s playing, he’s always a threat, especially when the black/red outfit is on during the back nine of a major. 

Result: Jack wins if the competition ends now, but Tiger isn’t done yet. 

Consecutive Major Titles (Tiger Slam) 

As you can tell, the numbers don’t lie – Jack has won more than Tiger in terms of major championships. But Jack never held all four trophies at one time! 

Known now as “The Tiger Slam”, he won all four titles back to back in the 2000-2001 season. 

Meanwhile, Jack only won back to back majors once over his illustrious career. While it’s impressive, it’s not four different majors in a row impressive. 

Result: Tiger wins when it comes to dominating majors in back to back fashion. 

Largest Margin of Victory 

When Tiger wins, he doesn’t just win, he steps on the throats of his competitors. 

His goal isn’t’ to win by one, it’s to win by as many as possible. He’s a true competitor and never goes easy on his playing opponents (just ask Stephen Ames).

Tiger lapped the field several times, specifically in some of his major victories. 

His largest margin of victory was in the 2000 US Open when he won by 15 shots! Meanwhile, Jack’s largest margin of victory was by nine strokes in the 1965 Masters. 

Result: Tiger absolutely wins as he’s lapped the field like no one to ever play the game.


Both Jack and Tiger had some great competition along the way. 

Jack had to beat players like Gary Player, Tom Watson, and Arnold Palmer. But Tiger had players like Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, and others. 

Result: Tie. Both had to beat the best players of their generation to even be in the GOAT debate. 

Impact on the Game

The Tiger effect has sent shockwaves through all parts of the game. 

The players have bigger purses than ever, TV viewers are substantially more when he’s in the field, and he’s introduced millions of people to the game. Jack helped make the game popular but not like Tiger. 

Result: Tiger by a million. He’s expanded the game to parts of the world that didn’t even know about golf and continues to do so. 

Cuts Made 

Both players have set records with most cuts made as Jack had 105, but Tiger trumped it with 142! This cut streak will likely never be broken again. 

Result: Tiger by 37. His consistency in PGA Tour events is something to be admired. 

While Jack does have more major victories, Tiger still has more PGA Tour wins.  

Not to mention, he’s left a much bigger footprint on the game than Jack (or anyone) will ever do. Plus, he’s battled countless injuries and surgeries that would sideline most golfers. 

That’s why we think Tiger is the greatest of all time. 

Who do you think is the GOAT?

Let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Michael Leonard

9 thoughts on “Tiger Woods vs. Jack Nicklaus – Who is the Real GOAT?”

  1. Love Jack (the greatest of his time), but Tiger is the GOAT in the stats, and cannot dispute data, nor his influence in the world game, for sure. My vote goes to Tiger!!!!!


  3. No doubt the younger golfers will say Tiger and the older ones will say Jack. I saw them both in person and if I had to be a betting man for 18 holes my money would be on Jack. He simply never made a mistake and nobody ever hit a driver longer or straighter during their prime. Tiger had the better short game, Jack the better long game and putting would be a tie. Give Jack the slight nod because he would be in the fairway.

  4. I agree that Tiger Woods is the Greatest of All Time in Contemporary Sense; Jack Nicklaus is the Respected of All Time in Golf World – One Oriental Thought

  5. I agree Tiger was a great golfer. My favorites are Nicklaus and Palmer. I use to watch Tiger play and hoped he’d lose really dis-like him. The MAIN REASON is are you SO-CALLED SPORT ANNOUNCERS. When ever Tiger plays/played, the only words every mentioned was Tiger this, Tiger that, Wonderful Tiger, as if no one else was playing or has played the game. Believe me when I say I’m not alone with this thought. You golf people have tried to make us viewers believe that is/was no other golfers in the tourneys except Tiger. I remember one tourney that Tiger lost and the Winner said the sad part of the story is not who the winner was but that Tiger Lost. With all YOUR HERO WORSHIP of Tiger, you really cause people to dis-like him. You and your partners HERO WORSHIP of Tiger makes a lot of people want to PUKE. Tell us about Tiger’s car accident and how or why the Sherrif’s Office didn’t give him a blood test or sobriety test. Wonder why? Probably because of his HERO WORSHIP. Not to worry guys, now you have a newcomer to heap you’re hero worship on his SON.

    1. Johnboy sounds bitter. Tiger’s impact on the game is unrivaled. Bringing in the personal stuff has nothing to do with his golf game and the legion of new fans it brought in.

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