Tiger Woods Broke the Internet (Again)

Tiger Woods Broke the Internet (Again)

Watch out Britney Spears, Tiger Woods did it again.

That’s right, for what feels like the 100th time, the GOAT nearly broke the internet (again).

When I opened my Instagram to mindlessly scroll, seemingly every golf account had posted the video.

Tiger Woods was swinging a golf club at full speed again. 

Let’s break down why this is so significant and what his future looks like for him moving forward.

Tiger Woods Car Crash 

Rewind back to February 23rd, 2021… the golf world (and billions of people) collectively held their breath.

The world’s biggest star got into a single car accident outside of Los Angeles. He was there filming a Golf Digest piece when he got into a vicious accident with his car being flipped upside down.

The jaws of life literally had to be used to get the 15-time major champ  out of the car.

Side note, at this point I think it’s safe to say Tiger should not be behind the wheel. After Elin bashing his window in 2009 and a DUI a few years ago, just hire a driver man! 

Anyway, once we learned that he was alive, then the scariest question ever was asked by millions of people, “Will Tiger ever play golf again?”

I get chills writing this because golf without Tiger is like a bar without alcohol. It just doesn’t make sense.

So we waited… and waited, and waited. Months went by with radio silence from Tiger except the occasional Twitter posts.

Tiger’s Swing Update 

Then, just like he did a few years ago, he uploaded a video of him swinging a driver at the Medalist Golf Club in South Florida. This was the start of one of the best comebacks golf has ever seen. 

While this new video wasn’t using a driver, he still flushed a short iron in true Tiger fashion (leg sleeve and all). Every golf fan instantly got more optimistic about the future. 

Honestly, I wonder if before he (or his team) upload the video they think, “Wow, the world is going to freak out.” 

Regardless, it worked!

Tiger’s Hero World Challenge

Then, he fueled the comeback fire even more by showing up for his tournament host duties at his annual Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas. While he wasn’t playing in the event, he gave us tons of updates on his health and future.

Plus, he wasn’t just hosting the event, he was hitting balls too. In fact, videos captured him swinging at full speed from the private side of the driving range. 

This time it wasn’t just a short iron either but roping drivers at full speed. Paired with his customary red and black Sunday outfit, it was a beautiful sight for any sports fan. 

Tiger at the PNC 

In the most recent news, Tiger is now slated to play the 2021 PNC Championship with his son Charlie. As he said in the press release, “He’s playing as a dad” aka not going to be swinging as hard as possible, it’s a huge sigh of relief.

The fact that it’s only 10 months removed from the accident that nearly took his leg and he’s playing on TV is an amazing accomplishment. 

We all can’t wait to watch him and son tee it up again. 

Do you think Tiger can make yet another comeback and stun fans worldwide? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Michael Leonard

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