Tiger and Ex-Wife Can’t Seem to Agree on Charlie’s FutuRE

Following Charlie Woods’ highly publicized appearance at the PNC Championship, Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren are said to be at odds over the future of their son, according to multiple reports.

John Daly and his son John II finished first and second, respectively, in a pairs format at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in December. The Woods duo played exceptionally well and finished second.

Throughout Orlando, Charlie was the talk of the town thanks to his outstanding golf, which was featured in headlines and highlight reels, as well as his demeanor, which was almost identical to his father’s from his PGA Tour career.

However, according to an insider from OK! Magazine, Woods and Nordegren have disagreed over what the future holds for Charlie who is 12 years old.

“Tiger thinks it would be great for Charlie to have a destiny like his. Tiger isn’t trying to be pushy, he’s just proud of his son and sees a lot of potential in him,” an insider told OK! Magazine.

“Elin worries he’s going to suffocate Charlie. She reasons it’s hard enough to be a kid these days without this as added pressure. 

“She concedes that it boils down to what Charlie wants.”

It is unclear from where this information came about, but we do know that Charlie has a similar passion for golf to his father, which is encouraging.

While competing in the PNC Championship, the 15-time major champion took great pleasure in playing alongside his son in a “hit and giggle” competition.

For the time being, it is unclear when Woods will return to the PGA Tour. When he returned to public life in December, he stated that he was no longer able to maintain a full schedule of activities.

If there is a rift between Woods and Nordegren, I’m sure every golf fan hopes that it can be resolved as Charlie could be a star in the making.

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  1. As for Charlie: I am a bit concerned about Charlie’s height at 12 years old. He is very short for his age. Wonder if he will get a growth spurt? DIstance is such a factor in tournament golf; I just wonder.

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