Bobcat Caught in Rare Video Hunting Down Bird on Golf Course

Bobcat Caught in Rare Video Hunting Down Bird on Golf Course

Some days, we just have a strong need for a specific type of meal. According to the footage, this bobcat can’t seem to get his mind off the idea of chowing down on a freshly killed bird.

Observers may see the creature keeping its eye on a family of ducks or geese in an Arizona golf club footage that was recently captured by a security camera. The pointy-eared creature remained hidden in the sand while his careless lunch choices all stayed together.

Several golfers at Scottsdale’s Silverleaf Country Club were on hand to witness the chaotic scene on Friday. TMZ was the first to release the video with its audience of enthralled viewers.

“Take a look at this,” a female voice says in the video. “They’re completely unaware that he’s present.”

Following his decision to attack, the bobcat dashed headlong into the flock of helpless birds. Unfortunately for him, they all took off for the skies before he could decide on the nicest piece of lunch meat—or at least that’s what we believed for the first 40 seconds after they took off.

Having successfully evaded a bunch of birds, the camera moves over to see the bobcat, who is relaxing on the grass while gnawing on a bird. Then he scoops up his prize and dashes off into the woods to enjoy it.

Apparently, the golfers were not deterred from completing their game despite the unexpected turn of events. According to an Instagram user, the game continued even after the animals were no longer visible on the screen.

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