5 Incredible Moments From Tiger Woods

5 Incredible and Underappreciated Accomplishments From Tiger Woods

When the topic of Tiger Woods comes up in golf circles, people are quick to point out the 82 PGA Tour wins and 15 majors. Obviously, a hall of fame career and it’s extremely unlikely anyone will ever get close to these numbers.

But let’s not forget he’s broken countless other records and done things most professionals can’t even fathom. 

Here are five more amazing accomplishments in his legendary career.

1. Made Cuts Streak 

Making cuts on the PGA Tour is hard… like really hard. Unless of course, your name is Tiger Woods. 

Between 1998-2003, Tiger didn’t miss a cut for 142 straight events. That’s just how good his game was during his peak. Not to mention, he only missed five cuts in a 12-year span (1997 – 2009). 

One of his greatest rivalries with Phil Mickelson, another hall of fame player, has missed more than 70 cuts since turning pro. Needless to say, I don’t ever see anyone breaking this streak! 

2. Tiger’s Ability to Close on Sunday

Another stat line that is hard for the average person to comprehend is Tiger’s winning percentages heading into Sunday. Losing is just not in his DNA. 

Tiger is 54-4 when holding at least a share of the lead after three rounds. 

Basically, if Tiger has a share or sole lead heading into the final day, no one is going to beat him. In fact, he’s only lost once when leading a tournament after three days. 

His signature black and red Sunday outfit seems to act like a cape does for Superman. 

Tiger is truly unbeatable when he’s out in front and the “Tiger effect” is real. He makes even the best players in the world choke under pressure. 

3. PGA Tour Winning Streak

Not only can Tiger close on Sunday but he can do it back to back weeks as well. Or, in one instance, seven weeks in a row!

That’s right, in the 2006-2007 season, Tiger won seven consecutive PGA Tour events. He’s only behind the great Bryson Nelson, who once won 11 events in a row.

If an average PGA Tour player wins once per season, it’s considered a great year. But to have seven back to back is something we’ll likely never see with today’s loaded field. 

Having the skill is one thing, but the mental fortitude is next level. 

4. 18 World Golf Championships

While Tiger has dominated the majors, he’s also won tons of other big events around the world as well. 

In fact, Tiger has dominated the WGC with a grand total of 18! 

During the prime time of his career, he won an astonishing 15 of 27 WGC titles. That’s right, he won 56% of the time against the best players in the world. 

To give that number context, the next closest person is Dustin Johnson, who has an impressive six victories. Geoff Ogilvy and Phil Mickelson are tied for third with only three wins.   

Winning 18 of these trophies is so impressive because the venues are extremely challenging, and the fields are loaded. They’re basically a mini-major and he seems to shine on the big stage.  

5. Total Winning Percentages

Since we’re talking about impressive Tiger stats, let’s not forget about one last one – his overall winning percentage.

Golf is a game where you lose a lot more than you win. In fact, if players win a few times in their careers and keep their cards, it’s considered impressive.

According to Essentially Sports, Tiger has done the impossible and won 22.9% of all tournaments he’s competed in. Roughly one of every five events, he went home with the trophy! 

To give it some context, the next closest golfers are under 10% winning percentage. Imagine knowing that anytime you tee it up, there’s a 1 in 5 chance of winning. 

That is a mic drop moment. 

Bonus: Six USGA Titles

While Tiger’s professional career has been nothing short of amazing, let’s not diminish his amateur achievements as well. Before turning pro and giving us our “Hello World” moment, Tiger won six USGA titles in a row! 

Yes, six years of never losing a match play event in a USGA tournament. 

That included his unbelievable comeback in 1994. In that match he was five down after the first 12 holes but came back to win in the 36 hole finale. 

What is your favorite of these accomplishments from the GOAT?

Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Michael Leonard

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  1. I’m always impressed by the humble reaction you have for your achievements. Still shy, but not surprised.

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