2021 Hero World Challenge – Great Signs for Tiger

2021 has been a rough year for Tiger fans.

We all had high expectations for the GOAT (as we always do) heading into the year. Even though he’s in his mid-40’s, we always know he’s capable of magic on the golf course.

Unfortunately, he sustained a terrible leg injury in a car accident in early 2021. It was so bad that at one point, he had a 50/50 chance of losing his leg. 

Many of us wondered if he would ever be able to golf again, let alone compete on the PGA Tour. But let’s get real, it’s Tiger Woods, you can’t count him out… ever.

Before his 2021 Hero World Challenge, he posted a swing video and the world knew he was making yet another comeback. 

Here’s a recap of his event in the Bahamas.  

On-Air Coverage

To start the week, Tiger did an extensive interview with Golf Digest. We learned how bad the injury could’ve been and a lot more telling details that he shared with the media.

From a man with a yacht named “Privacy”, he opened up a ton about his condition and goals moving forward. Plus, he appeared several times on air in the announcing booth which was cool to see. 

He talked about playing select events in the future and making it a goal to play on tour again. Needless to say, it was great to have him share openly what’s going on in his life and what he plans to do moving forward. 

Hitting Balls

Days before the event, Tiger broke the internet with a video of him flushing an 8-iron. But it was only a short iron and it was only one swing. 

Then, at the Hero event, he was spotted at the range with players and even solo range sessions on multiple occasions. Plus, he was roping driver, which means he’s healthier than we previously thought. 

Looking Physically Fit

Despite his horrific leg injury, Tiger still looks like he could bench 300 pounds. Even at 45 years old, he’s still looking as fit as ever.

He likely knows this is his final comeback and it won’t happen without taking incredible care of his body. While he’s definitely not running anymore, it looks like he’ll have the stamina to once again compete on the PGA Tour. 

This will be key in making his comeback complete. 

Black & Red 

Finally, let’s not forget that Tiger had on his customary black and red outfit on Sunday. He was seen hitting balls in it and was on the 18th hole to congratulate the tournament champion, Victor Hovland. 

Even if he wasn’t playing in the field, it was great to see him smiling in the black and red outfit that we all love.

PNC Championship

The following days after the event, he stoked his comeback even more by announcing he will be back for the 2021 PNC Championship with Charlie.  

Point-blank: Tiger Woods is back.

All is right in the golf world and we can’t wait to see what happens next.  

Do you think Tiger will win again?

Let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Michael Leonard

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